Is Anyone Thirsty? (1995)

These songs were written during a time of unusual spiritual refreshment in Graham's home church Ichthus Christian Fellowship.

Recorded live with musicians including Noel Robinson, Phil Crabbe and Kevan Frost, this album captures an enthusiastic 'home' crowd enjoying a refreshing worship experience.

Is Anyone Thirsty? was originally released in 1995 but has since been remastered and released as a stand alone album and also in a double box set with Shine Jesus Shine.

Featuring one of Graham's most well known songs of the last 20 years, Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear).

Album Details


1995 (Megaphone/Alliance)
Digitally remastered and re-released 2001 (Make Way Music/Fierce!)


Steve Thompson

Recorded at:

Sedgehill School, London UK