Dreaming of a Holy Night (2007)

Songs of wonderment at the Nativity, and longing for the fulfilment of what began on that holy night.

Every year since I wrote and recorded Rumours of Angels I have looked forward to writing another set of songs for the Christmas season. This year, at last, I have felt the time is right.

I have always found the accounts of the nativity to be woven through not only with mystery and wonder, but with the real struggles of ordinary people - especially in the characters of Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah. In the midst of their dilemmas and disappointments and the drama of what unfolded around them they dreamed of a different world, as so many people do today.

Christmas is a time when for a moment it can be a little easier to imagine a world put right, when hope is rekindled for the peace and goodwill we associate with the best of the Christmas season to become a reality for everyone. I have let my imagination be stirred afresh both from inside the story, empathising with some of the characters, and from outside - looking back in wonder at the incarnation, and forward to the fulfilment of what began on that holy night.

I have loved revisiting my singer songwriter roots, and hope that these 13 new songs will be both an inspiring listening experience, and a source of new music to weave into seasonal concerts and events.

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