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Wish I Could Cry (Another bad day at the world)

Another bad day at the world
And the darkness falls on scenes
I wish that I'd never known
How cold and hard our eyes have grown
Like a beast inside our hearts
Has turned the softness to stone

I watch the news and I just sigh
And I hope to God the things I see
Won't knock on my door
But soon the faces fade away
Until out of sight is out of mind
It's easier that way

Oh I wish I could cry
Oh I saw the world in your eyes
And it was washed by your tears
And you were calling to me
To come closer and feel what you feel

It's late I slowly climb the stairs
And as I watch my children sleeping
Oh I know that you care
Did ever sorrow run so deep
As your spirit brood over the traffic queues
And the grey city streets

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1983 Make Way Music,

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