G R A H A M  K E N D R I C K :  W O R S H I P  L E A D E R,  S O N G W R I T E R  &  T E A C H E R

Language Of Angels (Though I may speak)

Though I may speak with
The language of angels
And though I may fathom
All mysteries
See into the future
Have faith that moves mountains
If I am without love
Then what does it mean?

Without love
It’s nothing at all
Without love
Without love
It’s nothing at all

And even if I gave
The poor my possessions
Surrendered my body
And died for the cause
Though highly respected
Successful and gifted
If love was excluded
I’ve wasted it all

And when we pass through the fire
Nothing but love will survive

And with you, Jesus
We see love
Nothing but love will survive

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2006 Make Way Music

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