G R A H A M  K E N D R I C K :  W O R S H I P  L E A D E R,  S O N G W R I T E R  &  T E A C H E R

Call The Seeker (You're calling us)

You're calling us
And so we are gathered here
You're building us
Into a house of prayer

A holy place
Where stories of grace are told
A sacred space
Where miracles unfold
And praises rise
From the offering of our lives
Let's fill this house
Let's fill this house

Call the seeker
Call the stranger
Call the children
Let's hear their praises
Call the lonely
Call the broken
Young and old
Will sing hosannas
Let's fill this house
Let's fill this house
With praise

We're living stones
Built together here
With nail-pierced hands -
Oh teach us holy fear

And prayer will rise
For all nations
And open skies
Will pour your glory down
And there'll be praise
For the Lord is in this place
Let's fill this house
Let's fill this house

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 2008 Make Way Music

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