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Let All The Earth

Let all the earth hear His voice
Let the people rejoice
At the sound of His name
Let all the valleys and hills
Burst with joy and the trees
Of the field clap their hands

Justice and love He will bring to the world
His kingdom will never fail
Held like a two-edged sword in our hand
His word of truth shall prevail
Shall prevail

Let all the earth hear His voice
Let the prisoners rejoice
He is coming to save
Satan’s dark strongholds crash down
As with prayer we surround
As the cross we proclaim

Let all the earth hear His song
Sing it loud, sing it strong
It’s the song of His praise
Silent no more we cry out
Let the world hear the shout
In the earth the Lord reigns

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1985 Thankyou Music

Magnificent Warrior

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